If you are looking for something to help motivate you to make some changes in your life then there is nothing quite like “TED Talks”. These talks generate many great speakers giving some powerful messages. Many of these are life changing offering advice or direction to bring you positive energy. Below are five good ones.

1-”Graham Hill-Less Stuff More Happiness”

This is a very uplifting message from Graham especially if you are tired of a road of never-ending spending on things. It feels like a weight has been lifted as he tells of finding more happiness in our lives by decluttering. This short talk is very convincing to help you downsize your life of things and also your living space. This is going to feel so good with less.

2-”Alain de Botton-A kinder, gentler philosophy of success”

Alain explains how to look at life and success in a different manner than just basing it on your job and how much money you have. We take life too serious and we should see other valuable things in life to be just as important. We worship ourselves to much today. Success is redefined as something beyond our job and money. Alain says make our own ideas of what success is and we will find what really makes us happy.

3-”Randy Pausch- Achieving your childhood dreams”

Randy is dying of cancer and he tells you how to follow your childhood dreams. We get so sidetracked chasing money and things and Randy really reminds of what is really important. Doing the things you really believe in and what matters the most to you is all that is important. Randy is a good example of doing it all while you can. This talk really inspires you to do your best and enjoy life doing what you like.

4-”Shawn Achor- “Happy secret to better work”

We think we should work hard all the time to be really happy but according to Shawn it doesn’t work that way. Shawn explains we should reverse the process and be happy first and this will give us inspiration to find work we really love. Shawn points out that people get stressed out over trying to be perfect. The way you handle stress in your job is what is important and this makes you successful. We have pushed happiness out of the picture in our everyday world. Stay positive and this is the real key to success.

5-”Nilofer Merchant- Have a meeting take a walk”

Nilofer has found a way around our sedentary lifestyle by conducting meetings while going for a walk. She goes on to explain how we sit as a society way too much with are electronic gadgets creating poor health as if we were smoking cigarettes.