It is an established fact that PCs run on several software and applications. This software is actually written or developed codes. The computer acts on those codes. Have you ever tried to open a file on your PC only to get the error message that your computer does not have the required application to open that type of file? This implies that the actions of your PC are limited to the codes installed in it.

The human mind also works that way. All human minds work in a similar way and they all have similar limitations. Geniuses thrive because they have been able exceed the limitations of their mind. Do you know you can also do the same?

Once you are able to break the limitation of the mind and make your mind work better, you will definitely rise above mediocrity in whatever you do. The art of surpassing the limitation of the mind is known as hacking the mind code. Hitherto, did you know you could hack the mind code? It is very possible. You can hack your mind and fly higher than normal or average.

According to TED talks, there are several important tips on how to hack your mind and increase your productivity and creativity. The first one is never to be afraid of stress. Although stress reduces productivity or even kills in extreme cases, several researches have revealed that fear of stress actually strengthens stress. It makes the symptoms of stress more pronounced. But you will keep stress at bay if you are not afraid of it.

Naturally, the human mind is programmed to see danger in every endeavor. That is why the fear of failing has prevented a whole lot of people from taking a step forward and they remain where they are. You need to raise your level of optimism to unlock certain potentials in yourself. Otherwise, you may not be able to surpass the limitation your mind has set for you.

You need to use certain body languages to build or boost your self-confidence. When you appear confident, you make the brain see you as being confidence and so it will initiate the series of activities that will actually boost your confidence. For instance, when you want to give a speech, when you hold up your head high and raise your arms slightly, you will begin to feel more confident since those are the kind of body languages that boost confidence.

Finally, a very good tip towards mind development is to always associate or hobnob with those that possess the qualities you want to emulate. Whether conscious, unconsciously or sub-consciously, those positive qualities will begin to rub off on you gradually. You will begin to adopt the kind of mindset they have and that is the greatest key to unlock the mind code.