I speak to ‘C’ Suite executives everyday and I consistently see a pattern – a cookie cutter approach that is coming to an end.  Unless, you are happy to retire at 50, then this post is of no value to you, but for most, retiring at 50 is not an option.  So how do you future proof your career? 

First of all, you need to decide what you absolutely no for sure.  By that I mean, if I gave you a whiteboard marker, you should be able to illustrate a tried and tested process that takes me from start to promise with absolute ease.  If you can find that one thing that you know for sure, then you can position yourself as an authority in that one thing and create an entire Personal Brand around that.  This is the new job description.  Let me give you a scenario.

One of my clients wanted to apply for a senior role that was almost double the salary she earned.  She felt that she wasn’t qualified as far as the job description was concerned.  Instead, we unpacked what she knew for sure and created an entire process around that one thing which became a visual.  Next, we created a business plan showing the prospective employer how she can solve their biggest problem using her methodology and then positioned her Personal Brand as an authority on that one thing, but also adding in the other parts of the job description as all the other skills that she can do.

She didn’t sit in that interview like all her competitors, she was dynamic and presented a solution and demonstrated how her knowledge in that ‘one thing’ could solve their main problem.  She had something tangible to bring to the table.  She positioned herself as a Complex Problem Solver, future proofing her career.

She was offered that job that afternoon and the HR Director told her that they had never seen anything like that (presentation) before.

Can you see how powerful this is?  You need to do exactly the same for your career.  Be known as a expert in one thing only, design a methodology around it and create content on LinkedIN specifically around that one area that you know inside out.

I’m curious are you thinking like this?  Or are you approaching your career on hope that you are secure until 65.  If not, think about this idea and if you need help, please reach out.  Please comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts.