Here’s Why I Ditched Job Descriptions & Replaced it with Personal Brands That Resulted in $50Million+ in Revenue (in only 48 months)

When I build teams, I am not interested in job descriptions because put simply they are limiting.  What I care about is the uniqueness that every person possesses.  I want to understand their gifts, talents, traits, stories, life lessons and their passion.  When I understand all those elements, that allows me to match a persons natural state with the right client portfolio, especially in sales.

During my time at Belkin Corporation, I understood the power of Personal Branding, something that my competitors didn’t and I converted my team into individual Personal brands who were specialists in one area and matched them to the right portfolio.  I knew what motivated them, I knew what would make them show up each day in their natural state. That approach resulted in a $50+million business in a 48 month period. 

Here is something that I want to share with you that is highly critical.  The world Economic Forum – in their white paper titled ‘The Future of Jobs’ has clearly stated that by 2020 Two job types will be in demand – data analysts and Sales professions WHO CAN SOLVE COMPLEX PROBLEMS.

If you are running a sales team and you want to future proof your career, creating Personal Brands as Complex Problem Solver’s should be on your mission critical list.

What are you doing in your company to position yourself and your team members into authorities?