The mass media are brilliant at using this technique to sell a narrative. It’s a very powerful technique.

In fact, it has been used for millennia across many different platforms, industries and leaders.

Choosing what content you allow in and out OF YOUR MIND is not easy.

It requires discipline and commitment.

I don’t know about you but I say more NOs than YESs.

If something is not going to get me closer to my destination it’s an easy NO.

If I have to place energy in a conversation that is meaningless – It’s an easy NO.

How do I stay on a constructive path?

✅ I have visuals all over my office walls
✅ I have trigger words all over my walls that are linked to my vision board
✅ I have screen savers that are also linked to my vision board
✅ I do visualisation exercises each morning and night
✅ Repetition each day
✅ I journal every day

Why all the effort you ask❓

Because, just like a seed, when you water it, it will sprout through any weather conditions to pure bliss.

Point being: You gotta keep your eye on what you give and get.

Your mind is like a room. You choose who or what walks in the front door.