Have you ever purchased a digital product for $97 and then found yourself spending $297, then $497, then all of a sudden your at the $1K mark….and still didn’t get the solution you thought you were going to get??

I’ve been there too. Believe me. It’s sickening.

And….there is A LOT more of that to come in 2021.

The issue we have is that we are living in a digital bubble where Likes and shares have become the new self-worth and social media fame is the new career path.

The digital gurus and social media platforms know that this is the ultimate goal for most people. So, they keep giving more false promises in the form of ads and blueprints.

There are only 4 questions you ever need to ask yourself when you are uncertain that can literally save you time, money, tears and frustration. (Watch the video at 1:20)

Use common sense and critical thinking as your secret weapon more now than ever before.