The other day my dad said to me, “don’t use Himalayan salt because it’s poison.”

I asked him where he got this information and he said, “the news.”

The mass media are doing the thinking for the mass.

You know the sayings, “knowledge is power” and “the rich get richer.”

These both go hand in hand.

History shows us that the richest people in the world were and still are the most knowledgeable.

The mass media DO NOT do the thinking for THEM.

We need to stop thinking, “How do I get rich & famous quick?” and start thinking, “How do I upskill to get to my destination?”

It is so easy to control lazy and ignorant people.

It’s all there for the taking. We all have a choice.

Time to open your heart and mind and rise up. You owe it to your SELF.

What do you think?

Mary x


critical thinking is your ultimate currency