You can waste countless hours, days, months telling your prospect what they want to hear or you can tell them what they don’t want to hear.

I used to spend so much time nurturing a prospect…I mean how long is a piece of string…

So, I decided to play a different game and not only has it worked but it has changed my bottom line.

There are two choices when closing sales.

1) You stroke someone’s EGO and let them BELIEVE that what they are doing is right
2) You speak the truth and tell them what they are doing is going to lead to tears and frustration.

Here is my rationale.

If I stroke the EGO then I am NOT serving that person AT ALL. I am serving the False Self that has one agenda – keep that person in their comfort zone.

If I speak the TRUTH – I awaken the Spirit Self and that ignites curiosity and excitement – even if the truth hurts.

Better still, it brings forth the right people you can 100% serve and who are ready for you.

Why? Because in their heart of hearts, they know you can get them to their destination.

If you’re not closing sales, don’t fall into the trap of believing you have a mindset issue. You don’t.

You haven’t learned the framework that can elevate you where you want to be.


Tough Love