No, I can’t. I just wrote that to get your attention.

What I really want to say is this.

If you are on Facebook every second post is selling a magic blueprint, sales funnel or leads on steroids and all you have to do is download a script and you will have success!

Here is what you will NEVER hear or see from those gurus:

1. They spend thousands of dollars on FB advertising. I mean literally hundreds and thousands of dollars. They buy leads.

2. There is no such thing as a magic sales funnel. It does not exist.

3. You cannot fit your business model into their blueprint. That doesn’t make business sense.

4. Most of the big guru’s who sell you $97 courses

[because they supposedly care about you] and promise to give you their entire blueprint, also have an entourage of people taking care of the backend.

Now is the time to have common sense. Understand that what you are buying is not a solution or a system.

Don’t try and be like the guru’s, especially if you are not buying leads on mass.

You will waste a lot of time and tears.

Instead, be you. Start small. Learn how to build a sustainable & profitable business. Follow a system, not a blueprint.