Holy moly….it happened to me the other today and I learned some very valuable lessons.

Here is what I learned, and I hope these tips help you future-proof your social media accounts and your brand presence:

1. Create awesome content to attract high-quality people who will advocate for you and follow your work. Why? When you are not in their feed, it raises a red flag. ✅

2. Do NOT have all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your social media presence as soon as possible. Have as much of a presence on YouTube, Instagram and e-mail.

3. Have allies who are influencers in the digital landscape. In fact, make that a priority. These people know the right people who can help escalate the right people in the right positions to create urgency.

I was more overwhelmed with emotion from my LinkedIn friends and my clients because of the support they all gave me.

It was a real moment of gratitude.

That can’t be manufactured. That is real.