Are you selling time for money or are you selling a solution?

I think the visual speaks for itself. Do you agree?

Many of my clients are in Professional Services and have a common them:

👉🏼They have more than 10,000+ hours dedicated to their specialisation
👉🏼They can solve a major complex problem
👉🏼They have a process
👉🏼They have a brick and mortar business
👉🏼They want to serve on a global scale


They are working 200 hours per month and tied to their desk. This is not a sustainable model.

I have shown them how to turn their knowledge, wisdom and skills into a high ticket solution that requires 2-4 hours of their time per week.

Most of them are selling their solution for $5K, $10K, $20K+ and serving a global audience.

It could be you, too.

2021 will open up a huge opportunity for anyone in professional services. Most can’t see the goldmine they are sitting on.

Are you still selling your time for money?