I originally posted this article on LinkedIn on March 16, 2019, here.

Those who are unwilling to embrace innovation place themselves in a difficult position. They are left behind the proverbial eight ball because they are tethered to outdated mindsets. These businesses will lose market share to their more forward-thinking competitors rather quickly.

They are also going to fail when it comes to maximizing their productivity and efficiency. Staff members are less likely to maintain their relationship with an employer that is not taking the proper steps. No employee will want to work for a company that is not looking to position themselves for the future.

Margins and profits are eventually reduced and the consulting firm is forced to go out of business. A failure to embrace innovation will also be damaging to a company’s personal brand. It signals a level of loyalty to older mindsets that is not conducive to drawing new clients.

How Businesses Can Avoid These Pitfalls

A company that is looking to sidestep these sorts of concerns should always be analyzing the needs of the marketplace. Innovation should not ever be considered in a vacuum. Those who take the time to analyze the marketplace are able to identify innovation opportunities far more easily.

Once new technology is introduced, the necessary processes also take on an added level of importance. Research is key. If research shows that clients respond better to different forms of customer service, a company can overhaul their processes and remain proactive in the process.

Innovation should be a part of any reputable company’s strategy. This is how strategic visions are carried out.