I don’t know about you, but my inboxes are always flooded with messages.

In fact, it’s gone to a whole new level of desperation. People are actually sending me emails, plus LinkedIn messages, to get my attention.

This is called push marketing, and it doesn’t work. Getting attention is not hard, but many people try to get attention from anyone they can, and work on a hit-or-miss scenario.  That is the wrong way to get attention.

Instead, doesn’t it make more sense to understand exactly who you want to start a conversation with, and where you want to stop that conversation?  This makes it way more personal and human.

Look at your own behaviour and how you react to messages. Do you embrace the selling approach, or does it trigger something inside of you?

If it does, then you understand firsthand why we don’t want to be doing this to people with whom we want to connect.

Be clear on whom you want to speak to and why.  Start from a like-minded zone and focus on quality conversations, not quantity.