There’s no point in creating content if you’re actually going to show up and talk about your dogs and your cats, when you’re actually trying to sell a solution to a B2B problem. You’ve just missed an opportunity right there.

That’s the first thing – the content strategy is fundamental.  Staying in your lane is critical.

The second thing is consistency. We hear about this all the time.  Every group will say this, but it really is a key part of the success story: being consistent on social media, and off social media. It’s not just online, it’s offline as well.

So creating content that is 100% relatable to what you do, who you serve, and what you promise is how you’re going to actually get the eyeballs on you – that’s number two.

Number three is understanding the touch points – the ongoing touch points.  What people do is get on social media as a brand, and think that they go on to attract all these leads, and inquiries, and blah, blah, blah.  That’s just not the reality, unless you’ve got $20,000 to spend on Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads.

But for those that are looking at building their brand and their businesses organically, which is totally possible, the consistency component is a really, really big deal.

Then the touch points are even more important. What I mean by touch points is, when you do get a lead from social media, and they go through your funnel, and they get on the strategy call with you – they may not necessarily buy from you from that strategy call. So I’m okay with that, because they weren’t ready today.

Then it’s my job to continue to touch that those people in my pipeline all that time until they are ready to buy from me.

If you look at my pipeline for 2021, it’s unbelievably healthy. I’m not worried about 2021. My job in 2021 is to just nurture that pipeline.

That’s all I’m interested in, is nurturing that pipeline – because by nurturing that pipeline, they start dropping in one by one: “Yes, Mary, I’m ready.  Yes, Mary, I’m ready.”

That’s my strategy for personal branding, is that you have to understand that content alone is not enough. Consistency and content is not even enough, but content, consistency, and nurturing your pipeline – that’s the winning trifecta.