Most people are doing it now in a midlife.  They’re saying, well, I don’t have a job, so maybe I can become a coach.

I speak to prospects all the time. They think that their website and a lead magnet and the title of a coach will actually convert into making money while they sleep apparently.

I can’t work with those people, because they need to experience for themselves  – “Oh, hang on a minute. Social media is really, really noisy. There’s a lot of white noise, and no one’s hearing or seeing me.  Okay, I’ve got a problem.”

For me, dissecting the problem is really easy.

Just tell me what your area of specialization is. Where have you dedicated 10,000 hours? They might say, “Oh, over here, but I want to do this.”

I’ll say, “Well, if you do this, that’s your hobby – where you haven’t actually dedicated 10,000 hours. I can’t help you, because I need to create a whole narrative around your personal brand that makes you believable and trustable.”

Can we take the inventory here, merge the passion together, and then create a product that can actually solve a solution – whereby you’re showing up every single day in your natural state of being, and you can speak about your subject matter with ease and grace.  It flows. You don’t have to re refer to notes. That makes people confident on the other end – they are called your prospects.

There’s a lot of moving parts to creating success around a personal brand. It’s not just social media -it’s actually all of the moving parts that need to be glued together so that when you’re ready to show up – when you’re ready to go live – everything’s in place.  And it’s working for you, not against you.

For me, there’s 24 macro moving parts to creating a personal brand. 24, not two or three, and these are macro.  Within the macro, there’s micros.

It’s a really important thing to understand that this is a science and if you want to get it right, it has to be strategic, and it has to be deliberate.