If you’re pursuing a side hustle, you know that you have enough knowledge and experience to get in front of buying customers.

The problem is, you have one foot on either side of the fence.  That is not going to get you to your end destination, because you’re most likely trying to figure out how to start an online or an offline business.

I call this the DIY phase, and it can hold you back for years.

You are either playing with the idea of becoming a business owner, such as a coach, or you don’t know how to glue together the moving parts to create a fully automated and scalable coaching business.

Over 15 years of creating online digital businesses, I’ve determined that there are 24 macro moving parts to building a successful digital coaching business.  If one part is missing, the entire system falls.

There is a huge difference between building a side hustle and a real business. You have to decide which side you want to play.

If it’s a real business, you have to think about four key parts:

  1. How do I become the go-to authority in my niche or industry?
  2. How do I build my digital assets?
  3. How do I generate leads online and offline?
  4. What does my business model look like?

There’s a lot to consider, but, I’ve got your back.  I want you to succeed and not go down the get-rich-quick scheme path.  That only leads to massive frustration.

You need to stop creating momentum.