The most impactful part of the work that I do with clients is unpacking the genius zone and seeing the look on their face, their demeanor shift, when they can fully realize their potential.

They discover what it is that they’ve buried inside of them in the form of their knowledge, their wisdom and their skillset.

When you can take that level of inventory and you can systemize that, the look on my client’s face when they can actually see that they have a system that can solve a complex problem is absolutely priceless.

One of the things that I want to share in this blog is that every one of us has that inside of us.

That’s the inventory, that’s the currency – instead of looking outside of us for fulfillment, it already exists inside of us. That’s what we need to start looking for, because the moment you find it and you unpack it, you never can go back to the person you thought that you were.