Who is Mary Henderson?

Mary is an internationally recognised Online Business & Personal Branding Expert. She is a speaker and author one of a number of fictional books on the experience of being human today, and she is furthermore the author of “Tapping Your Way To…” – how to book series.  Her most recent addition is the Success Action Planner – a journal, diary and planner in one.

Mary helps Entrepreneurs, Startups & Business Owners monetise their expertise, unpack & define their personal brand and create an online business solution from start to implementation.  She is regularly invited to speak to leaders & decision makers in the corporate landscape on Personal Branding and her passion to replace job descriptions and instead create employees into Personal Brands.


Mary has had 18 years experience building Personal Brands & businesses for others and herself into multi millions dollar empires.  During her tenure in the corporate sector, she managed large sales teams, over achieved financial targets year on year and month on month and penetrated into new markets and industries.  She has been featured in many publications and has been regarded a thought leader in the technology sector. She was also the President of AIMIA Victoria.   In 2005, Mary started her digital agency – GeekIT that specialised in developing online membership systems for the academic sector, namely Universities and built it into a successful 7 figure digital agency.  In 2012 she merged her company with a leading design agency & decided to step out of the corporate sector all together and have “time out” and enjoy motherhood for a while.  

It wasn’t long before Mary started to get restless and ask that all important question “ What Am I Going To Do For The Rest Of My Life?”  In her quest to find answers, she took on the biggest challenge of her life. She reverse engineered her entire life (from birth) and her new discoveries lead her to a three year full-time research into the why & how of human behaviour.  

In that time, Mary was mentored by some of the worlds finest academics, TED Speakers, Authors and Experts in the Mind Body Field.  She was adamant to find answers on topics such as beliefs, behaviours, emotions, goal setting, success, failure,  and a lot more.  Mary also discovered something very profound during this period.  She realised the success she created in the multi national corporations she worked for could not be replicated after she left (by others) and this led her to the most important discovery.  Mary realised that she had a profound gift  to unpack skills and gifts in people, create personal brands and implement business models from start to implementation.  She knew there and then that the areas in her life that she found natural, when combined together, would become her vocation. 

This has made her one of the foremost unique coaches in the world because Mary combines business, mindset & personal branding models based on a carefully considered and well thought through methodology that provides a start to implementation solution.   Mary believes that any form of coaching that does not provide a start to finish implementation plan is just mere philosophy and for this reason, her coaching style is designed to reverse engineer key areas in order to get to the end goal.

Mary approaches success from end to the beginning where most people focus on the beginning to end.  Her coaching program is world-class where she uses technology (in a big way) that she has developed with custom-built algorithms to fast track her clients’ progress.   Mary’s process is three fold.  First, the focus is on challenging old paradigms, including emotional blocks that are connected to limiting beliefs (she has designed a bespoke modality for this), second unpacking the  clients ‘unique story’ (Gifts, abilities, skills) to unpack and define the personal brand and third unpack the ‘business idea’, create a framework & implement a total solution from start to implementation.

Mary has embraced the arenas of technology and social media, and her followers are growing daily. Now, she shares this knowledge with audiences all over the world. In Mary’s true words….“It has been a long journey decoding scientific white papers, sorting out real truths from generally acknowledged “truths”, implementing the knowledge and then experiencing it has really been worth it”, she says enthusiastically. “Finding out what actually works and what doesn’t, and now being able to assist others applying this knowledge to themselves, while finally watch them turn their lives around in ways they did not think would have been possible initially .. to me, it doesn’t get much better than that”.

Mary is a heart centred, compassionate and tenacious entrepreneur who thrives on sharing her knowledge and witnessing people fulfil their dreams. 

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