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Over the years, I have had the privilege of researching many aspects of the conscious, sub conscious and super conscious mind’s and how our emotions and feelings are stored in our sub-conscious mind as  ‘trauma’s’ and instantly triggered in a split second.  All my research has led me to believe that  the first most critical step in a personal development journey  is to clear emotions and feelings associated with past stories.

It is for this reason, I developed a series of books title Tap Your Way Into…that use a technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping.  This technique is such a powerful technique and in my opinion has been under utilized and treated a form of light “Self Help”.  Whilst the premise of this is correct, there is a critical element to EFT that is very rarely understood.

I describe it like this -” EFT books makes use of the fingers, no different to taking the role of a conductor. The audible and visible aspect of the application (the script we use during the process) are like the orchestral musicians that must follow the gestures of the conductor.  When we tap on specific acupressure points on our body, It literally creates a subtle frequency like an orchestra of different sounds creating a symphony”.   
In these books, you will find out how and why EFT works.  The books are quick and easy to read and apply and provide a step-by-step guide through the process,  including the scripts. I also show you how to write your own scripts for any issue.
I wanted to make this information available to everyone, in an easy and portable format.

Eft Or “Tapping” As A Means Of Tapping Into Joy. 

The connections we form between our mind and our body are so completely influential over how much joy or happiness we feel in our life. Mind-body connections are so powerful that how we shape those connections can have drastic effects on how we travel down the rest of the path in life’s journey.

Having published numerous guide books on the matter, I can attest to the power of EFT or “tapping” as a way of influencing the connections you have perhaps unconsciously formed between your mental and physical manifestations of yourself. EFT, for those who are completely new to this subject, stands for “Emotional Freedom Technique” and it’s a simple procedure involving self-administering soft tapping around your body’s various pressure points in specified pattern and quantity. During the tapping procedure, the specific practices involve speaking certain phrases or words at each various pressure point.

While it can’t be legally or specifically said that EFT is an effective means of healing any disease or ailment, that doesn’t deny the countless firsthand accounts of how this feedback procedure is so quickly able to get substantially positive results for those who study and practice it. The legal ramifications are largely a consequence of the fact that so little has been investigated by the institutions of higher learning, nor has much been looked at by the professional medical world as well. Having written a number of fictional and non-fictional volumes of information on the subject, I can save you some of the hours of study by showing you just how tapping can immediately bring you greater happiness in your life.

Before even understanding the practice of EFT, it’s instrumental to consider the mechanics that cause back-ups between the mind and body pathways. The ideas or thoughts that you hold aren’t even necessarily your thoughts. Often times, we carry the thoughts of people in our lives from the past and we don’t even recognize the source of our ideas as from outside ourselves.

When starting as a beginner in the study of EFT, there are a number of short books, guides and manuals that can prescribe different tapping scripts which tell you both where to tap, how much and also what mantras to repeat or speak out loud in order to achieve various outcomes from the practice.

Eventually after a number of hours practicing some other scripts and seeing just how fruitful the results have been in your life at that point, most practitioners of EFT later go on to create their own scripts. Learning the practice well enough to write scripts will allow you to treat any circumstance or health issue that may come your way. For those who have “tapped into” the power of EFT, the possibilities are truly limitless. Telling your body how to handle and issue and what to focus energy upon is a form of self-directed inner communication that few individuals ever achieve with their own body and mind.

Some of the various things that are thought to be affected by the way our mind-body connection is configured are quite profound. Consider the notion of making more money or managing that money better. How about recovering from physical pain, getting in better shape, gaining new clients— these are all things most of us seek and have difficulty easily finding! Can you believe that a simple procedure of focused energy and bio-feedback can send any of us on the way towards abundance just by gaining better control of the way in which we focus our attention and our thoughts?

How does this really al work though? Well, despite the intimidating factor of a few new bits of jargon, the actual philosophy behind EFT is quite simple. The Emotional Freedom Technique is really all about what it says in the title— attaining emotional freedom. Specifically, this access to increased emotional freedom is something the EFT practitioner gains by processing emotional experiences and memories that are sometimes submerges or suppressed for so long that they become forgotten entirely.

The fair warning that one must receive when starting this practice as a newcomer is to remember that EFT practices can in time begin to bring back emotional memories from your past that may have been totally forgotten. In some cases, when these memories surface, it can seem like your problems have somehow even worsened. Worry not and continue your practice and eventually all of the emotional effects of that memory will have been healed and treated in the way sore muscles would be treated by a skilled masseuse.

The specific points where the tapping is meant to be done are selected from over 5,000 years of historic evidence, collected by Eastern Medicine practitioners. These specific pressure points are referred to as “meridians” in eastern medicine and are also the same points that are targeted in the practice of acupuncture. Interestingly enough, despite the science and the technique being so similar between tapping and acupuncture, only the latter is considered even remotely legitimate by most of the mainstream. This trend will hopefully reverse in the coming years as the work of myself and other advocates begin to increase awareness and acceptance of EFT use and study in more mainstream circles.

If you study and are patient in your study, tapping will eventually allow you to be able to not only move emotions around in how they are structured in your mind but you’ll also be able to change your emotions. This all is possible because of the way your body’s nervous system interacts with your mind to store memories from impulses. While the science can be tough, the proof is in the doing. Try EFT and see if it works for you!

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