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If You Are An Establish Coach, Consultant or Industry Expert Do You Want Results Like This?

Thought leadership: Do you want to be seen as an industry expert, invited to podcast interviews and be invited to the top 10 stages in your industry? This is all possible when you implement The LinkedIn Lead Gen Simplified System.

TEDx talk: Do you want to be seen and heard by people in your industry who not only advocate for you but love your story and connect with you at a deep level. When you show up as a thought leader, your chances of being on big stages like TEDx will be in your orbit.

Speak to buyers: Imagine showing up on LinkedIn each day and receiving DM’s from prospects who want to work with you. No pushing, no selling – just people who see you as THE ONE. That is in your orbit when you implement The LinkedIn Lead Gen System.

LinkedIn Top Voice Badge: You may not think this is a big deal but it is. LinkedIn are shifting their focus and are rewarding Industry Experts to bring thought leadership to the forefront. This is normal for many of my clients who have implemented The LinkedIn Lead Gen Simplified System.

Desire based content: When you create content using desire based marketing, you will change every aspect of your business. Desire based marketing not only speaks to your buyers but you sell at speed via your DM’s or use the LinkedIn Live strategy.

Sell multiple offers to multiple avatars: When you invest in The LinkedIn Lead Gen System, you will learn how to create content strategies specific to your avatars and match that with an offer. This will expand your revenue stream exponentially.

What Is the Linkedin Lead Gen Simplified System?

In a digital ecosystem cluttered with short-lived tactics and superficial engagements, the LinkedIn Lead Gen Simplified System stands apart by delivering a sustainable, buyer-focused strategy tailored for established industry leaders. Why do you need a system? Because consistent, measurable results come from structured, strategic action, not from ad hoc efforts or generic outreach.

Why Systems Matter: A robust system is the backbone of any sustainable marketing effort. It provides a clear framework for action, enables measurement and refinement, and scales with your business. Systems transcend mere tactics by integrating your unique business goals with precise execution strategies.

What Sets This System Apart: Unlike programs that rely on inflated vanity metrics through engagement PODs—groups formed to artificially boost content visibility—this system is grounded in authenticity and strategic targeting. Engagement PODs not only consume an immense amount of time but also mislead by creating an illusion of reach and influence without delivering real engagement from potential clients. These methods can lead to burnout and disillusionment, as the effort does not translate into tangible business outcomes.

Focus on the Vital Few: Our system leverages Desire Based Marketing, focusing exclusively on the 10% of your network who are ready and able to engage and invest. This approach cuts through the noise by honing in on those who are not just casual browsers but genuine potential clients. By targeting this select group, your efforts are more efficient, your engagement more meaningful, and your conversions higher.

The System in Action:

  • Data-Driven Insights: Utilizing a sophisticated feedback loop, the system constantly adapts to the shifting dynamics of LinkedIn and consumer behavior. This means your strategies are always aligned with the most current trends and data.
  • Content That Converts: Through Desire Based Marketing, we craft content that resonates deeply with your target audience, moving beyond pain points to align with their aspirations and needs. This ensures higher engagement and conversion as your content speaks directly to those who are most ready to act.
  • Efficiency and Impact: With templates, frameworks, and automated processes built into the system, you spend less time on operational tasks and more on strategic actions that directly contribute to your growth. Our system streamlines your LinkedIn activities, making your time online more productive and less consuming.
  • Continuous Improvement: The system is not static; it evolves based on continuous testing and feedback. What works today may not work tomorrow, so we ensure that you are always equipped with the latest and most effective strategies.

By rejecting the flawed premise of one-size-fits-all influence strategies and focusing on authentic, targeted engagement, the LinkedIn Lead Gen Simplified System ensures that your time on LinkedIn translates into real, measurable business growth. This is not just about being seen—it’s about being strategic and making every interaction count.

  • You think it’s useless to start your own business because nobody cares about entrepreneurs who aren’t beautiful and young. 
  • You constantly find yourself giving knowledge away for free, when deep down you know it has more value. 
  • You want to create an impact in the world, but don’t know where to start.
  • Your expertise remains hidden and under-monetised. 
  • You have done many femme courses and mindset coaching calls, but still feel irrelevant. 
  • You have years of experience that can be applied to a coaching or consulting business, but you don’t want to take the risk in case you don’t succeed. 
  • You have a lot more to offer than what you are doing right now.
  • You want to belong to a tribe of women who are already leveraging their knowledge, wisdom and skills to have successful 7-8 figure businesses. 

If you answered YES to any of the above, let me show you another way.

Welcome, My Name is Mary Henderson

Who Am I and Why Listen to Me?

I am not only a LinkedIn Top Voice recognized among just 5000 out of a billion, but I have also mastered the art of turning complex strategies into simple, actionable steps that lead to substantial growth without relying on paid ads. My techniques are proven, continually tested, and updated regularly to reflect the latest in consumer behavior and LinkedIn algorithm changes.

From my beginnings in tech startups to becoming a sought-after coach, I’ve always been about creating systems that are not just theories but practiced wisdom backed by real results and continuous refinement.

Here is evidence of my footprint on LinkedIn to date:

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You’ve been caught up in the vanity of likes, comments and compliments for a while now… but somehow, these metrics haven’t helped you convert LinkedIn prospects into sales, have they?

I believe you have landed on this page for a reason. If you think about it, it’s probably because you know intuitively something is missing in your approach. As an industry expert, your LinkedIn network has value and specific pain points.

You can’t afford to show up on LinkedIn and fake it till you make it by being a part of PODS. That is a lot of time you waste with people who will never buy from you. I have been there and done that. That is not how you nurture your network to create real value for your business and brand.

You also know feeding your ego by just having presence and superficial likes is not the mission you want to pursue. You can serve in a much bigger way.

If you’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, who is telling you that you can’t? Is it your soul, or is it your ego? If you don’t know the difference, you are limiting yourself and not fulfilling what you were really put on this earth to do.

You can build a system based on a streamlined targeting approach and an end-to-end content strategy to serve specific sales goals, or you can spend another year trying to figure it out and continue applying random strategies the social selling gurus tell you based on how they think the algorithm works.

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6 Figues+ With a Revolutionary Sales System on LinkedIn

Forget the outdated digital marketing strategies and the one-size-fits-all approach. You know that pain point marketing, endless direct messaging, and superficial engagements are not cutting it on LinkedIn anymore.

As an established authority in your field, you recognize the need to enhance your presence on LinkedIn, but not by playing the numbers game or wasting time in vanity interactions. You have wisdom to share, and your value doesn’t derive from constant visibility on the platform.

With over 20 years of experience, including a tech background with a focus on systems and algorithms, I’ve devised the LinkedIn Lead Gen Simplified System, a feedback loop-based strategy that adapts to ongoing changes on LinkedIn and in consumer behavior. This isn’t just another marketing tactic; it’s a robust system designed for industry experts who mean business.

Envision a LinkedIn strategy that allows you to post strategically, target deliberately, and generate leads and sales predictably without chaining you to your device. Dive into a sales system that harnesses your intellectual currency and positions you as the undeniable authority you are.

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So Why Aren’t YOU Increasing Your LinkedIn Success?

“I’m not sure what type of content will engage my audience.”

Solution: With the Desire Based Marketing approach, you no longer have to guess what content will resonate with your audience. Our system provides you with frameworks and data-driven insights that guide you in crafting content that not only engages but also converts. By focusing on the aspirations and successes of your target audience, you create content that is inherently attractive and effective, ensuring your posts are always aligned with the interests and needs of the 10% of your network ready to take action.

“I can attract attention, but I can’t seem to close deals.”

Solution: Conversion isn’t just about selling; it’s about understanding and responding to the buyer’s journey in a way that feels natural and unforced. Our system teaches you to read and react to signals from your leads, using structured content and strategic outreach to guide them from initial interest to final sale. By integrating a feedback loop and a clear content strategy into your sales funnel, you ensure that every interaction moves your leads one step closer to becoming loyal clients.

“I’m visible on LinkedIn, but I struggle to establish credibility.”

Solution: Trust is built on consistency, transparency, and authority. Our system transforms your LinkedIn profile into a powerhouse of credibility by using proven frameworks to enhance your bio, optimize your settings, and align your content with your expertise. By presenting a coherent narrative that showcases your knowledge and aligns with your market position, you instantly improve your trustworthiness. Additionally, our approach helps you maintain a consistent presence that speaks directly to your audience’s needs, reinforcing your status as a reliable leader in your field.

One of my clients, Gina Riley, is a career transformation coach who has built a 6-figure business with a waiting list based on developing a system to take her clients from start to results in 6 weeks. Listen to her case study.

I’ve packaged 3 of my highest-valued skills

1. Organic LinkedIn and Social Media Lead Generation
2. Building Sales Systems
3. Growing Coaching/Consulting Businesses to 6+ figures

Into a COMPLETE online program that shows you
how to create a content, sales, and lead-generation system (step by step)
you can implement it in 7 steps.

How is The LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy Simplified System Different From Other Programs?

linkedin lead generation strategy

Unlike typical LinkedIn coaching programs that focus on inflating engagement metrics and visibility, the LinkedIn Lead Gen Simplified System is a comprehensive sales and marketing methodology designed for industry experts who aim to connect with genuine buyers. This system eschews the vanity of likes and superficial interactions in favor of strategic, results-oriented actions that drive real business outcomes.

Here’s how each part of the system is crafted to ensure you’re not just attracting attention, but are strategically engaging with prospects ready to invest in your expertise:

1. Authority: Establishing your presence on LinkedIn starts with authority. We don’t just optimize your profile for visibility; we transform it into a compelling narrative that asserts your expertise and credibility. This includes refining your profile elements such as your headline, summary, and experience sections to immediately communicate your value proposition and differentiate you from competitors. This foundational step ensures that when potential clients visit your profile, they see a leader, not just another professional.

2. Mindset: Transitioning from a traditional business-to-business (B2B) or a business-to-consumer (B2C) approach to a strategic influencer mindset is crucial. This part of the system focuses on cultivating a mindset that prioritizes quality interactions over quantity. We teach you how to approach LinkedIn with the mindset of an industry leader, focusing on fostering relationships and engaging with content that aligns with your business goals and reflects your expert status.

3. Targeting with Precision: Effective targeting on LinkedIn goes beyond just identifying who your audience might be—it involves understanding exactly where they are in their purchasing journey and catering to their specific needs at each stage. Our system employs a sophisticated Buying Cycle Matrix that maps out the different stages of your audience’s decision-making process. This matrix helps you identify multiple avatars or client personas, each with unique characteristics and needs.

By understanding these avatars and where they stand in the buying cycle—from awareness and consideration to decision-making—you can tailor your interactions and content to resonate deeply at every point. This precision targeting ensures that you’re not just reaching out to potential clients but engaging them with messages that are timely, relevant, and highly persuasive. This strategic approach not only broadens your reach but also enhances the effectiveness of your messaging, making every interaction count.

4. Sales System: Integrating Inbound and Outbound Strategies

Effective lead generation and sales conversion on LinkedIn require a balanced approach that combines both inbound and outbound strategies. This holistic method ensures that you not only attract the right audience but actively engage with them in a meaningful way to facilitate their journey through your sales funnel.

Outbound Strategy: Our system’s outbound strategy focuses on proactive engagement. You don’t need to invest in Sales Navigator or other premium tools to connect with your target audience effectively. Instead, our system teaches you how to leverage LinkedIn’s existing features to identify potential clients, initiate contact, and maintain conversations. This includes personalized messaging tactics that resonate with your audience, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and aligned with their needs and interests.

Inbound Strategy: Simultaneously, the inbound component of our sales system is about creating compelling, value-driven content that draws your audience to you. This content strategy is designed to not only attract attention but to sustain engagement, positioning you as a trusted authority.

5. Maximizing Lead Value with Proven Lead Magnets: One of the most critical components of effective LinkedIn strategy is how you generate and nurture leads. Based on years of rigorous testing and refinement, I have identified only three types of lead magnets that consistently deliver exceptional results on LinkedIn. These magnets are not just tools for gathering contact information; they are crafted to showcase your deep expertise and to set the stage for a relationship based on respect and admiration.

The key to successful lead magnets on LinkedIn is to facilitate a journey where your audience gets to know you, grows to love your content, and eventually trusts you enough to make a purchase. These carefully designed lead magnets are tailored not just to attract leads but to convert these leads into dedicated followers and, ultimately, loyal customers.

6. Content That Connects and Converts: The heart of our content strategy lies in Desire Based Marketing, a powerful approach that stands in direct contrast to traditional pain point marketing. While pain point marketing focuses on your audience’s problems, Desire Based Marketing emphasizes their aspirations and successes. This shift not only attracts a more engaged audience but also fosters a positive association with your brand.

Our content strategy is designed with two primary goals on LinkedIn: to build a true tribe and to seamlessly transition those connections off LinkedIn, where you can continue the conversation in a more controlled and intimate environment. By creating content that resonates on a deeper level, you naturally attract the right audience—those who are not just interested in your services but are ready to engage further.

This is a Fully Self-led Online Learning Program

You gain 12-month access to the system, putting you in complete control of your progress and the pace at which you achieve tangible results on LinkedIn. There’s no rush; you can move at a pace that matches your current stage in your professional journey.

By implementing the frameworks, following the detailed micro-steps in our video lessons, and setting up your lead tracker, you can begin to see LinkedIn work for you in just 14 days. This approach ensures that you maximize the platform’s potential at your own comfort level, without feeling overwhelmed.

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Hear Deepa’s Experience…

Why You Should Join This Transformative Sales System

Mastering the LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy has enabled me to grow my coaching business exponentially and granted me the freedom and peace of mind to fulfil my mission of spreading knowledge and empowerment. My goal is to help you harness this same power, to use your expertise to not just succeed but also lead and inspire.

I firmly believe that those endowed with wisdom and knowledge are the true pioneers of today and tomorrow. Your unique insights are crucial for penetrating the minds and hearts of your ideal clients. Understanding their level of consciousness, desires, needs, and position in the buying cycle is not just about making sales—it’s about making connections that resonate deeply and endure.

Lead generation becomes a natural extension of who you are with this system. It aligns so seamlessly with your professional demeanour that it never feels forced. It’s about attracting those who will benefit most from your wisdom, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and every transaction is impactful.

Beyond client interaction, this system also elevates your visibility, positioning you in front of the right clients, podcast hosts, and event managers. This increased exposure helps build a successful business. It opens doors to new opportunities such as podcast invitations, keynote speaking engagements, and even accolades like the LinkedIn Top Voice—achievements many of my clients have experienced.

To facilitate this, I’ve distilled the LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy into a structured, seven-part program to streamline and simplify scaling your business. Each part is crafted to build upon the last, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and implementation that transforms your LinkedIn strategy and your entire approach to business and engagement.

Here’s how it all breaks down…

Part 1: Authority
Understand how to set up your LinkedIn Profile for success.

(A) Learn how to write your profile title, how to write your contact info and how to take a professional photo and upload it to LinkedIn.

(B) Use a proven framework to learn how to write your About summary using language that talks to your audience and how to write a powerful Experience description to create believability and trust.

(C) Understand how the creator mode and the featured section work.

(D) Discover the critical LinkedIn settings you need to have in place.

Part 2: Mindset
Learn the importance of shifting from a B2B mindset to a B2C mindset
to generate more leads and close more sales on LinkedIn.

(A) Identify the gaps in social selling strategies that serve big corporations and how your needs on LinkedIn are different as a coach or consultant solopreneur.

(B) Shift focus from the hamster wheel of vanity metrics to understanding how you need to show up on LinkedIn.

(C) Learn how the B2C buying cycle can help you close sales every month by fulfilling three critical goals (know, love, buy) instead of waiting months/years.

(D) Learn the systems design approach to LinkedIn based on your financial goals, targeting, providing value and lead generation.

Part 3: Targeting
Understand who your ideal client personas (avatars) are
and where they are on the buying cycle matrix.

(A) Learn to use the buying cycle matrix that has taken me 10 years to master. Once you complete this matrix, you will use it across any social media platform and all your communication touchpoints.

(B) Unpack your five key avatars to answer key questions like what content to create, how to nurture leads and what micro results or wins they need to experience to believe you and buy from you.

(C) Learn how to use LinkedIn Search like a professional to refine your targeting approach and pull in high-quality leads.

Part 4: Sales System
Understand how to synchronize the front-end and back-end functions of the LinkedIn system
to generate more quality leads and create high-conversion content.

(A) Understand your LinkedIn strategy goals, sales funnel, content strategy, outreach strategy and the buying cycle matrix.

(B) Get clear on your precise and timed financial goals for LinkedIn on a monthly basis.

(C) Understand how to nurture leads and differentiate prospect behaviors.

(D) Create a content funnel wrapped around a feedback loop using the exclusive lead generation tracker.

(E) Design an outreach strategy to nurture leads that is congruent with your financial goal, sales funnel and content strategy.

Part 5: Lead Value
Master the use of a lead magnet to deliver high quality and secure high conversion rates.

(A) Learn how to design powerful lead magnets using a framework so you can use your sales funnel to create logical steps for prospects to take.

(B) Learn how to stay top of mind by optimizing your LinkedIn audience’s experience.

(C) Devise strategies to deliver results, outcomes and a tangible win or transformation.

(D) Learn how to create and implement a Live Stream sales funnel that will amplify your brand and position you as a go-to expert

Part 6: Content
Build the foundation to execute your content strategy.

(A) Identify what you are selling at the end of each LinkedIn post, create strong Calls to Action and devise 10 hooks you can use for each post in your 14-day content campaign.

(B) Learn how to prepare your content so each post flows into the next one to nurture your audience with a logical flow that makes your solutions clear.

(C) Use a tried-and-tested framework to structure your LinkedIn posts and create a variety of posts.

(D) Complete a messaging framework so you know exactly what to say to your prospects, when to say it and how to move them down your funnel. This is a very important part of your content strategy.

Part 7: Track
Track your leads and content to grow your coaching/consulting business to 6 figures
by using the system and its feedback loop.

(A) Use a structured framework to track your LinkedIn leads and content one lead and one post at a time.

(B) Learn how to track your outreach interactions in detail.

(C) Discover how to unpack data and information to improve your LinkedIn targeting strategy with a feedback loop.

(D) Learn how to schedule content to free up time for organic growth on LinkedIn.

This is the Total Value of The LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy Simplified System

You get an end-to-end system when you JOIN The LinkedIn Lead Gen Simplified Online Program

  1. Detailed video lessons that explain the why and how: Valued at $2,000
  2. Supporting frameworks that show you how to do it – all done for you. – Valued at $3,000
  3. Buying Cycle Matrix – $2,000
  4. Lead Gen & Content Tracker – $1,000
  5. Content & Messaging sequence system – $1,000
  6. Sales funnel and lead magnet strategy – $1,000
  7. Desire based content system – $2,000
  8. WhatsApp Group – Micro Coaching – Valued at $2,000
  9. Access to the online program for 12 months (inc. updates to lessons) – Valued at $1,000

TOTAL VALUE: $15,000

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Hear Maryia’s Experience…

Hear Alidia’s Experience…

Hear Falguni’s Experience…

Hear Kathy’s Experience…

The ONE Thing I Know for Sure…

The only difference between a 5, 6 or 7-figure business is a predictable system. If you don’t have a sales system in place, you will only get what you have always gotten.

The real question you need to ask yourself is –
How Much is Not Having a System in Place Actually Costing Me?

You now have a choice in front of you.

You can continue to take the long-winded B2B approach where you close a sale once every few months/years, or you can follow a structured program to target high-value leads more strategically and significantly shorten your buying cycle on LinkedIn.

In your heart of hearts, you know what you need to do to build a successful coaching or consulting business.

Click here or the image below to join The LinkedIn Lead Gen Simplified System now if you are serious about taking your business to a whole new level.

Enter the discount code: LinkedIn699 on the checkout page to get it at the special promo price. After payment is made, you will receive an email with your login details and a welcome email to join the private WhatsApp group.

This is the VALUE you get when you join:
The LinkedIn Lead Gen Simplified System:

Detailed video lessons that explain the why and how: Valued at $2,000

  1. Supporting frameworks that show you how to do it – all done for you. – Valued at $3,000
  2. Buying Cycle Matrix – Valued at $2,000
  3. Lead Gen & Content Tracker – Value at $1,000
  4. Content & Messaging sequence system – Valued at $1,000
  5. Sales funnel and lead magnet strategy – Valued at $1,000
  6. Desire based content system – Valued at $2,000
  7. WhatsApp Group – Micro Coaching – Valued at $2,000
  8. Access to the online program for 12 months (inc. updates to lessons) – Valued at $1,000

TOTAL VALUE: $15,000

Enter This Coupon Code On Checkout: LinkedIn699

Frequently asked questions

Yes, once your payment is processed, you will receive an email with your login details, granting you immediate access to ‘The LinkedIn Lead Gen Simplified System.’
You will have access to the system for a full year, during which you will receive all updates, ensuring your learning experience is always current.
Absolutely, each lesson is accompanied by a detailed video tutorial designed to explain the ‘why’, the ‘what’, and the ‘how’ of each topic, making it feel as if we are sitting right beside you.
This program is ideal for motivated industry experts who are serious about establishing themselves as leading authorities and building a genuine following on LinkedIn.
The system is not suited for individuals looking for quick, effortless success. It demands dedication and consistent effort to apply the knowledge and achieve significant results.
First and foremost, this system is exclusively designed for Industry Experts who want to position themselves as Thought Leaders. Our program stands out because it focuses on strategic, results-oriented frameworks rather than outdated digital marketing tactics. It helps you define your audience, perfect your content strategy, and master marketing to achieve concrete outcomes.
The initial investment covers full access to the online program. However, third-party services like Canva, ChatGPT, and LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, if chosen, are not included.
Definitely. Our approach focuses on the quality of engagements rather than the quantity of followers, teaching you to cultivate a following that truly resonates with your brand.
No specific qualifications are required—just your professional expertise and commitment. Our system is designed to enhance and leverage your inherent authority.
Yes, absolutely. We have set up a private WhatsApp group where you can ask questions and get support from others. This is a place where I offer micro coaching on a daily basis and share updates or information that you need to know.
Absolutely 100% NO! These practices are against LinkedIn’s terms and conditions and can lead to restrictions or permanent account closures. This program is committed to 100% organic and ethical strategies.

Refunds are not available for this program. Upon payment, you gain immediate and full access to our comprehensive frameworks and systems, which represent the culmination of nearly six years of dedicated development and expertise. We encourage you to carefully consider if this program aligns with your needs and financial situation before enrolling. For those opting for the split payment option, please note that failing to complete your second payment will result in immediate termination of your access to the online program and removal from the WhatsApp support group.

The LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy Simplified System Service Disclaimer

The LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy Simplified System Service Disclaimer

This is a serious and very detailed program. The expectation is that you will complete the course material within a 12 month period to further your skills in lead generation, digital sales and marketing, position yourself as an authority and grow your business. If you are hesitating to purchase, please don’t buy. This is 40,000+ hours of experience carefully curated into a program. Once you have made your purchase, you get access to all the interactive tools, modules, frameworks, workbooks and training videos.  It is not for people who aren’t ready to take it seriously and take action. Please DO NOT buy it if you can’t afford it or don’t have a solution ready for monetisation. Refunds are not givenDo NOT buy it if you think it will turn you into a millionaire overnight. I built my coaching business over a 5 year period, not overnight. Every person has different results based on experience, market conditions, commitment and effort.