The Ultimate Guide To Transition From Employee To Solopreneur With Confidence

Do you ever find yourself standing on the brink of a major transformation? That's where I stood, toes dangling over the edge between a comfortable paycheck and the thrilling unknown of solo success. The Ultimate Guide to Transition from Employee to Solopreneur with Confidence is your compass in this leap into entrepreneurship—let’s face it, that [...]

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Achieve Success with a High-Converting Business Proposal System

Unlocking the potential of a High-Converting Business Proposal System can be a game-changer for industry experts, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, keynote speakers, academics, and professional service business owners. A well-crafted business  proposal is key to boosting conversion rates and maximizing profits in today's competitive market. This article will examine the complexities of constructing persuasive sales proposals [...]

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You Need To Know The Winning Trifecta of Personal Branding

There's no point in creating content if you're actually going to show up and talk about your dogs and your cats, when you're actually trying to sell a solution to a B2B problem. You've just missed an opportunity right there. That's the first thing - the content strategy is fundamental.  Staying in your [...]

How To Build A Coaching Business Using LinkedIn And Make It A 6-Figure Business

If you're still trying to figure out how to make LinkedIn your Lead Generation Machine, it’s not as hard as you think. Like all social media platforms, it all comes down to 3 things - content, engagement, and your offer. There are so many people who still get very little ROI from their efforts. Be [...]

Are you a Side Hustler or an Entrepreneur?

A side hustle is a small business that a person pursues alongside another, usually more stable, job, often to earn additional income. Side hustles are also referred to as side jobs or side gigs. And the person who do this, we called Side Hustler. And An entrepreneur is someone who starts or owns a [...]

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How to become a Trusted Expert in your Industry?

It takes 60 touchpoints for a prospect to trust me. Trust is all I’m after – not sales.  There are a lot of touchpoints required to gain that trust. You can't create success by hoping that you're going to be found.  That doesn't exist anymore.   Most people don't have a network offline, let [...]

Personal Branding is Not About Being Famous

Personal branding is about becoming famous? When you hear the words personal brand, what comes to your mind? I think that many people confuse personal branding with being famous, but that couldn't be further from the truth.  A personal brand is you as the business. You see, even the [...]

I Dare You To Take On This Challenge With Me – Journey To Success

Journey To Success I want to invite you to join me in this challenge for next year.  Write your FUTURE YOU book and call it the ONE goal you MUST achieve in the next year. This is how the challenge will work. Write about the manifestation of your day in [...]

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