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Welcome to Lights-Cameras-ACTION!
One to One Mentoring

Do You Feel Like This?

Do You Feel Like This?

  • You think it’s useless to start your own business because nobody cares about entrepreneurs who aren’t beautiful and young. 
  • You constantly find yourself giving knowledge away for free, when deep down you know it has more value. 
  • You want to create an impact in the world, but don’t know where to start.
  • Your expertise remains hidden and under-monetised. 
  • You have done many femme courses and mindset coaching calls, but still feel irrelevant. 
  • You have years of experience that can be applied to a coaching or consulting business, but you don’t want to take the risk in case you don’t succeed. 
  • You have a lot more to offer than what you are doing right now.
  • You want to belong to a tribe of women who are already leveraging their knowledge, wisdom and skills to have successful 7-8 figure businesses. 

If you answered YES to any of the above, let me show you another way.

  • You have been unable to make an impact worthy of your knowledge, wisdom and skills in the corporate environment.

  • You have tried creating many offers on the fly but selling those hasn’t brought you any closer to creating a successful coaching/consulting business.

  • You feel like you have to sell your soul to attract and serve clients who are not the right match.

  • You don’t have a framework to define who you are as a brand and implement that to commercialize your brand.

  • You don’t have an online program because it’s too much work.

  • You have been selling deliverables and swipe files that don’t solve problems like a side hustler instead of delivering a real transformation like a business owner.

  • You don’t have a predictable and systemized sales and marketing strategy

  • You are tired of trying to create a successful coaching/consulting business alone and want to be part of a tribe of supportive women who honor their personal development journeys.

  • You are ready to give up because the coaching you invested in has informed you, but you still don’t know how to implement that information and get results to show for all your efforts.

If you answered YES to any of the above,
let me show you another way.

First of all, I want you to know that your wisdom has a higher purpose.

Every business owner wants clients who have the money to invest. But 99% of coaches/consultants don’t want to hear they attract the same energy they put out.

You attract who you are. The more you invest in your growth, the more you attract clients you want to work with instead of clients you have to sell your soul for.

That is why Lights-Cameras-ACTION is not just another mastermind program.

In this, One to One Mentoring Program, I will take you on a transformational journey that will give you an upgrade not just in your knowledge but your soul as well.

My expertise is in creating systems and implementation to design coaching or consulting businesses wrapped around your wisdom.

My system helps you unpack your professional wisdom and personal journey so you can merge that into a signature solution using tried-and-tested frameworks.

When you capture the depth and breadth of your professional wisdom and personal wisdom, that’s the only way you can deliver a transformation.

Every client out there will only pay for transformation and results. They do not want information or education anymore.

That means they pay for experienced wisdom, NOT learned wisdom. There is a vast difference. My tribe has experienced wisdom.

I leverage decades of experience in the tech industry to teach you how to define who you are as a brand and commercialise that by using my system and implementing my frameworks.

You have the power to decide if you will make the move and embark on this journey to share your wisdom with the world or postpone it to a tomorrow that never comes.

One to One Mentoring Program – Give me 12 months to hold your hand, provide a safe space for you and guide you every step of the way to build a signature solution you can turn into multiple income streams and create a diversified coaching or consulting business so you are never left wondering, “How do I do it?” I will be there to show you how. Always.

Most business owners hate systematization and implementation because it’s all about doing. That is the masculine part of building a business very few have mastered.

My approach merges doing with the being, which is the critical feminine part.

Everything else, from marketing to sales, is the effect. Systems and implementation are the cause.

My coaching is not just about implementing the different moving parts of creating a business. I ensure you embody who you are becoming.

I bring 23+ years of experience in a systems-design approach into everything I do. Plus, I hold you accountable and help you transcend the emotions and beliefs holding you back. No stone is left unturned.

This mastermind is exclusive. It is not for everybody. I handpick the people I believe are ready for this level of transformation. That means you must also be ready to receive the energy that our tribe transmits. It’s powerful and not a coincidence that most of my mastermind clients rejoin for another year of coaching.

You’ve been sitting on a goldmine of wisdom for a while now… but somehow, your aspirations are still on hold..

You are not on this page because it’s a coincidence.

If you think about it, it’s probably because you know intuitively something is missing. Your soul has a deeper purpose that feels incomplete.

If you’ve been wanting to use your experience to transform lives for a long time, who is telling you that you can’t? Is it your soul, or is it your ego?

If you don’t know the difference, you are limiting yourself and not fulfilling what you were really put on this earth to do.

The egoic mind loves keeping you on hold. That’s why so many coaches I see in the industry are still stuck on a start date with no clients or income.

They never leave their comfort zone, which is actually a hamster wheel. The excuses are always valid.

“Not enough money”. “I haven’t found the right clients yet”. You’ve heard it all before. So have I. How much time are you going to spend to try and figure out what has taken me 23 years to master?

Nobody can recreate or imitate your experience of life personally and professionally, which converts into your wisdom. It’s unique to you alone. It’s part of your soul print.

There is limitless success in adopting a systems approach.

Your ego desperately wants power and to control your destiny. But your soul wants growth and connection.

After building various 6 and 7-figure businesses, I know growth is the result of a systems approach.

When you rely on a system, you have the capacity to update and improve at all times. The beauty of the systems design thinking that underpins my 12-month mastermind program is in the discipline it creates to help the left brain understand exactly what needs to be done and when so you can build the business.

Meanwhile, the right part of your brain is stimulated to explore the inner journey, including thoughts, feelings and beliefs, so you grow as a person.

Your coaching/consulting business is not something you create after reading 3 textbooks. It’s the result of all of your life experiences merged together.

I use a system to transform your inner value, inner genius, inner knowledge and inner creativity into a purposeful vocation that creates a significant impact in the world and a powerful legacy.

The best part is, I will teach you how to embrace your emotions, how to manage the ego and how to love being unapologetically YOU while you are still stuck in your corporate job or current business. There are no big risks involved.

The Currency You Have Will Only Increase In Value

Do you realize you are already a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE?

If you have accumulated 20,000 hours in your area of specialization, and you placed a value of $100 on each of those hours, your intellectual currency is valued at $2,000,000. You would agree that is a big deal, right?

The currency you are holding on to is always going to be in demand.

Once you go deep and understand the problems your clients have, you can take them through the steps to solving them. Clients feel that transformative energy you possess.

That’s where they are prepared to spend $5K, $10K or $15K.

When your clients know, without a shadow of a doubt, that your solution can reduce their pain or enhance their life, you form a real connection.

But that’s not the only connection that has value. I know what it feels like to be isolated on the entrepreneurial journey. Being alone actually pulls you away from your goal.

The passionate women in my tribe are coaches, consultants, senior executives in transition, authors, speakers and other experts in their specialisation who are all pursuing their unique missions.

They are full of life and carry their own soul print everywhere they go. They show up as their true selves in everything they do.

That is why these women will be the game changers who lead the world today, tomorrow and for future generations. You can be a part of that.

The only question you need to ask yourself is, “Am I ready to step into my genius zone and show up?”

Something is calling you from deep within.
When you choose to answer the call, the universe conspires to open doors.

There are 5 systems you need to master and implement so you can build a scalable and sustainable coaching or consulting business. These systems should rely on intelligent systems design to help you create a feedback loop for gathering data (feedback) and use it to continuously version your solution so it is always improving and relevant in real-time.

Here are the 5 systems you need to implement…

Each part of the program touches on a system
that serves as an important pillar for your business

One of my clients, Gina Riley, is a career transformation coach who has built a 6-figure business with a waiting list based on developing a system to take her clients from start to results in 6 weeks. Listen to her case study.

I can get you to launch in as little as 10 weeks.

The moment you complete enrollment, you will feel a deep sense of relief.

That’s because you will know that in just a few short months, you will have disciplined the mind to activate your creative genius, so you start to self-actualize your potential and convert your genius into a tangible business that is ready to be monetized.

You will stop approaching your business like a side hustler by creating 1-2 offers to sell at a time. Instead, you will have a signature solution and launch the beta version within the first 8-10 weeks with an entire marketing strategy. Once your beta version is validated, you then build the final version into an online program.

We will define your brand essence in the first 4 weeks. Relying on the systems approach, you will be able to implement all the moving parts and execute detailed strategies to get the business off the ground as quickly as you like or at your own pace. In this One to One Mentoring Program, I will have your back for 12 months to support you with everything needed to execute your mission.

By the end of this mastermind program, you will not be the same person. You will grow and change from the inside and out. It’s how you will create a new reality and open yourself up to get paid for what you love doing.

That is what embodiment looks like. You will have the mindset of a business owner. No matter where you are on your journey, I will help you get close to turning your vision into a reality.

The Lights-Cameras-Action Mastermind is a hybrid, done-with-you coaching program. That means you can join when you are ready. There is no start or end date.

The One to One Mentoring program runs for 12 months, but I will get you to launch within the first 10 weeks of joining the mastermind.

You have the opportunity to learn from other like-minded women based on where they are at on their entrepreneurial journeys. You get to extract knowledge and wisdom from my tribe.

The women in my 12-month mastermind program are handpicked. It is not a mass-market mastermind. My world-class tribe is exclusive only to women who are game-changers. Those who join have integrity. They are highly-conscious individuals who want to make a difference and leave their mark on the world. I believe these women deserve a special place.

That is why the energetics I teach is not for everyone. We create a powerful energy field of people who have launched or are about to launch.

Hear Deepa’s Experience…

I have combined the four loves of my life 


into a COMPLETE done-with-you solution that
lets YOU Package the loves of YOUR life into a scalable and sustainable business.

How is Lights-Cameras-ACTION
different from other programs?

A lot of coaches don’t have systems, implementation or frameworks because they don’t come from a sales and tech background. They don’t teach you how to create assets, they teach you how to create offers on the fly and how to sell those. That’s a very reactive way to approach building a business.

I empower and coach you to have a systems-thinking approach all the way through. You invest time up front, but the effect of that is phenomenal because you create one signature solution your audience loves wrapped around precise messaging and content and expand the business from there.

Imagine creating a signature solution, and from that one solution, you have infinite solutions that you can create on-demand without having to recreate the content. You repurpose what you have already created. There is a magical way to achieve this. I will show you how to create multiple solutions that result in multiple revenue streams, so you can provide any potential client with a solution based on their needs and budget.

When you build these assets, you can either license them or sell the business. That’s how I get you to think like business owners, not side hustlers.

Lights-Cameras-Action is a 12-month mastermind. Inside it, I have the Hero Program Accelerator, Authority, the LinkedIn Lead Gen Simplified system and more. I have created various micro-programs and can create 10-20 more because my signature solution has a systems approach. That is my secret weapon.

I passionately believe you deserve what you are promised. You will be working with me in this one to one mentoring ptogram for 12 months as your only coach. You will not be assigned to one of my team members. I will be answering all your questions through weekly group coaching sessions where I will hold your hand all the way through.

You are also getting unrestricted access to my tribe both during the calls and through an active WhatsApp group in between the group coaching calls to ensure you have instant support whenever you need it.

I unlock women in my tribe and activate their personal development journey by teaching the energetic side of who they are. I have merged a masculine and a feminine power system together. Everything that is an energy force is made up of masculine and feminine. The DOING (masculine) is one side of the coin. The BEING (feminine) is the other side. Both need to meet in the middle.

When you rely on one integrated system that works for you instead of dividing your business into multiple micro widgets full of band-aid solutions, you will command premium pricing.

In doing so, you never go back to the person you were before you started working with me. That is why your success is my priority.

The bottom line is – the HOW has been done for you. All you need to do is implement and embody who you become throughout the journey.

12-Week Bootcamp Coaching Program For A Profitable Solopreneur Business by Personal Brand Strategist Mary Henderson

This is how I have separated my system which is called Lights-Cameras-ACTION! into five parts to make your journey even easier:

Part 1: Unpack and Clarify Your Personal Brand

You will have access to my Personal Branding software designed for my clients only called Authority. This software has the capability to unpack all your key attributes and convert them into meaningful data that help define who you are in your natural state of being. That means you never have to worry about trying to BE somebody else. You will love who you are. This part of the process defines your branding attributes, brand truth, audience and tribe, brand promise, and brand assets, including your tone of voice, messaging, brand signature and brand story, so the messaging is congruent with your area of specialization.

Part 2: Creating Your Signature Transformational Program

We have developed a system called The Hero Program Accelerator that converts your knowledge, skills and wisdom into a solution. It moves you immediately into testing the beta solution with a small cohort to validate it before you start building the assets for the online program. In this phase, you will receive a full marketing strategy for your beta launch and start monetizing in as little as 10 weeks into the mastermind. Once the signature solution has been validated, you will have unlimited possibilities to create solutions on-demand from your signature solution. This is my bespoke methodology.

Part 3: Build Digital Assets That Create Ecstatic Brand Experiences

Every digital touchpoint must convert to an ecstatic brand experience for prospects and paying clients. I will show you how to structure your website, lead magnets and sales funnel so you remain top of mind when it comes to your area of specialization.

Part 4: Effectless Lead Generation and The LinkedIn Lead Generation Simplified System

Lead generation is one of my specializations. I teach you specific strategies for LinkedIn, Facebook, podcasts, speaking and of course how to create content that converts to leads and sales. You will master The LinkedIn Lead Gen Simplified system, a unique sales and content system I have tested that delivers predictable results on LinkedIn. I have spent years mastering the science behind my content approach. You will learn how to create strategic and deliberate content, that pulls your target audience into your eco-system.

Part 5: Embodiment

One important part of creating a business is becoming it. This is where I teach strategies that transcend your blocks at a Nano level. These are not self-help tools. My teaching is based on years of working with academics in philosophy, quantum physics and the emotional body. You will learn that the answer to unlocking your blocks is simplicity.

And here’s one more reason:

My coaching is high-energy, consistent and intuitive. I am driven by your success and passionate about helping you pursue your mission week by week.

That is why I teach energetics on weekly coaching calls to walk you through emotional barriers and help you become the best version of yourself.

I give you tools and frameworks that are transformational. NOT self-help positive thinking. That does not work.

I empower and motivate you to master your mind and provide you with tools that I learned from the best mentors in the world that work!

You get a systems-design approach so you can implement key pillars in your business. All the HOW TO is done for you. All you need to do is implement the moving parts.

I offer you proven strategies to create leads organically using my unique insight into creating content that speaks to your target audience, not at them, across all different platforms on and off social media.

I roll up my sleeves with you in our weekly coaching calls so you are implementing in real time and taking radical action.

You don’t need to wait – you can start the program today and begin making progress toward your new, thriving coaching or consulting business before the day is over!

The best part about working with me is
you won’t even have to do all the work yourself.

SYSTEMS APPROACH: Your professional and personal wisdom is inventory. We fuse that inventory together and organize the information so it leads to outcomes, results and transformation. The result is a system where you will be able to extract unlimited solutions from your one signature solution. The outcome is that you will have multiple revenue streams.

COMMUNITY COACHING: Each week of the program, I host two coaching calls to help you navigate two critical systems that shape your life.

All the members of my tribe of self-led industry experts who have a deep desire to work with me get invited to these calls. They have powerful interactions every week that help you tap into each other’s genius and make tangible progress

I create a safe space for my tribe members because I deeply respect them, understand them and know how to speak their language. 85% of my clients who join the Lights-Cameras-ACTION mastermind re-join again. That speaks volumes. I diligently select each member of the tribe because energy is critically important to all of us. The women in my group LOVE being a part of this tribe. They support each other and advocate for one another. They become life-long friends. And… they are located in different parts of the world.

Every person in my tribe is seen and heard. I dedicate as much time as you need to my coaching calls. They are not bound by time.

That’s what differentiates my coaching program.

The Tuesday coaching calls I host each week focus on energetics. These calls are transformational because the wisdom I share and the tools you get are not self-help.

I teach you proven methods to overcome emotional and mental obstacles.

You will feel activated in these calls and experience profound shifts that will accelerate your visibility, confidence and manifestation.

The Thursday coaching calls are accountability sessions where we discuss sales targets, work in progress and implementation. This is a live Q&A for us to roll up our sleeves, learn and dissect. We create strategies in this session, and best of all, I share new strategies that I test with you so you benefit.

The most beneficial part of joining Lights.Cameras.ACTION is the one on one 3-hour onboarding session with me. In this session, I help you structure your professional and personal experience into an intelligent solution so it flows and converts into your signature solution.

Plus, you have direct access to me via WhatsApp and email. I am always accessible because it is my goal to hold your hand on this journey so you never feel alone. Being available for my clients gives them peace of mind.

And the best part. I offer two time slots in my schedule, every week, so my clients can book 1:1 coaching sessions with me whenever, wherever. This has been a game changer for my clients because they know that I am there for them NO MATTER WHAT!

If you need help with your copy, design or website, you can access my team for an additional fee. Rest assured; we are fully equipped to provide a complete solution at every stage to give you peace of mind throughout your transformational journey.

Hear Maryia’s Experience…

Hear Alidia’s Experience…

Hear Falguni’s Experience…

Hear Kathy’s Experience…

“Are you the right person for this mastermind program?”

As you would expect, Lights-Cameras-Action is a significant investment.
So it is important to be honest with yourself about whether it is for you:

is NOT for you if:

  • You do NOT have a minimum of 10,000 hours dedicated to your area of specialization.
  • You are not prepared to invest time and effort into creating a successful business.
  • You want a get-rich-quick scheme.
  • You are looking to fast-track your way to fame.
  • You are not a self-led steward of this potent time in human history.

the right move for you if:

  • You identify as an industry expert with more than 10,000 hours dedicated to your specialization.
  • You have a deeper yearning to create an impact in the world and transform lives.
  • You are willing to invest time and effort to build your business and unforgettable personal brand.
  • You are open to receiving 22 years of my blood, sweat and tears in the form of coaching.
  • You love being part of a tribe operating in a resonant field of support, contribution and results.

It has been a long time coming.
How much longer are you going to wait?

Right now, you have a choice to make.

You can keep trading years of your hard-earned knowledge, wisdom and skills for free, while you keep wondering, “Where did all the years go by?”

Or you can decide to take advantage of this opportunity to become self-aware of your limitations and use them to claim center stage for yourself.

Inside, you already know what the right answer is.

Don’t put off the success, recognition and impact you want any longer.

Click the button below and be a part of  this One to One Mentoring Program for 12 months that will advocate and support you.

Your Lights-Cameras-ACTION! enrollment is one click away. Click below to get started.

Take me to a ready-to-monetize business I actually love!

Lights Cameras Action Service Disclaimer

Lights Cameras Action Service Disclaimer

This is a serious and very detailed course. The expectation is that you will complete the course material within a 12 month period in order to further your skills in digital marketing, position yourself as an authority and start your (online or offline) business. If you are hesitating to purchase, please don’t buy. This is 30,000+ hours of experience carefully curated into a program. Once you have made your purchase, you get access to all the interactive tools, modules, frameworks, workbooks and training videos.  It is not for people  who aren’t ready to take it seriously and take action. Please DO NOT buy it if you can’t afford it or if you don’t have a solution ready for monetisation. Refunds are not givenDo NOT buy it if you think it will turn you into a millionaire overnight. I built my coaching business over a 5 year period, not overnight.