Personal Branding Strategy – The Winning Trifecta

Personal Branding Strategy - The Winning Trifecta There's no point in creating content if you're actually going to show up and talk about your dogs and your cats, when you're actually trying to sell a solution to a B2B problem. You've just missed an opportunity right there. You should have [...]

Forget Push Marketing – Attract Customers with Modern Marketing

Forget Push Marketing - Attract Customers with Modern Marketing I don't know about you, but my inboxes are always flooded with messages. In fact, it's gone to a whole new level of desperation. People are actually sending me emails, plus LinkedIn messages, to get my attention. This is called push [...]

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How A Lack of Innovation Can Cause Business Failure

Lack of Innovation Can Cause Business Failure Those who are unwilling to embrace innovation place themselves in a difficult position. They are left behind the proverbial eight ball because they are tethered to outdated mindsets. These businesses will lose market share to their more forward-thinking competitors rather quickly. They are also going to fail when [...]

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Neuromarketing – How Digital Guru’s Are Using Your Brain To Sell Courses

Neuromarketing is a powerful tool in the arsenal of digital gurus selling online educational courses. It helps them understand how potential customers think and react emotionally, allowing them to craft messaging and marketing campaigns that resonate on a deeper level and trigger action (buying the course). Have you ever purchased a digital product for $97 [...]

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Have You Ever Been Bullied

I was the loneliest person at primary school. I spent 4 lunchtimes out of 5 on my own each week. I had huge anxiety. I had no strategies. It kept me up at night I had no tribe And no experience to lean on. I let the bullies win because they had ammunition. Me, on [...]

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Critical Thinking is Your Ultimate Currency

The other day my dad said to me, “don’t use Himalayan salt because it’s poison." I asked him where he got this information and he said, “the news." The mass media are doing the thinking for the mass. You know the sayings, “knowledge is power” and “the rich get richer." These both go hand in [...]

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How To Future-Proof Your Social Media Accounts

Holy moly….it happened to me the other today and I learned some very valuable lessons. Here is what I learned, and I hope these tips help you future-proof your social media accounts and your brand presence: 1. Create awesome content to attract high-quality people who will advocate for you and follow your work. Why? When you [...]

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You already own my most powerful tool: Autosuggestion

The mass media are brilliant at using this technique to sell a narrative. It's a very powerful technique. In fact, it has been used for millennia across many different platforms, industries and leaders. Choosing what content you allow in and out OF YOUR MIND is not easy. It requires discipline and commitment. I don’t know about [...]

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