The entrepreneur is a creative, innovative person, marked by the ability to set and achieve goals. An entrepreneur is someone that develops ideas, using them to detect business opportunities and make moderately risky decisions. Entrepreneurs also create a new business knowing the risk and the uncertainty of the future, with the purpose of achieving profit and growth through market opportunities.

Before starting a business, it is important that the entrepreneurs carry out a self-assessment, reflecting on aspects of their personality. Whatever is the business, you need to have an ever-present force: self-motivation.

In addition to being motivated, it is necessary to develop some characteristics to succeed as an entrepreneur.

  • Ability to take risks: Risks are part of any activity and we must learn to manage them. Risk means having the courage to face challenges, to dare to run a new venture and choose the best paths consciously.


  • Know the business sector: The more you master the field where you want to start your business, the greater the chances of success. It’s great if you already have experience. If you don’t have experience, you need to invest in training courses, books, etc…


  • Be organized: An entrepreneur must have a sense of organization and ability to use up the resources in a logical and rational way. The organization facilitates the work and saves time and money.


  • Ability to make decisions: The entrepreneur must be able to make correct decisions at the right moment, to be well informed, to coldly analyze the situation and discuss alternatives in order to choose the most appropriate solution. This quality requires the will to overcome obstacles, an initiative to act objectively and confidence.


  • Be a leader: The entrepreneur must learn to set goals, guide the execution of tasks, combining practical methods and procedures to encourage people in the direction of defined goals and produce a balanced relationship between the working conditions of staff around the enterprise. Good leaders tend to be people who are always adding something to solve a problem.


  • Have talent: The entrepreneur must have talent and a certain amount of dissatisfaction in the face of routine activities to transform simple ideas into actual businesses.


  • Be competitive: For the entrepreneurs become competitive in the foreground they have to be open to changes that take place around the world and they also have to review paradigms.


  • Have confidence: Self-confidence is an important factor in the entrepreneur’s business, you can make the difference between your success and your failure.


  • Possess learning ability: Disagreements and conflicts are necessary and even desirable. Without this, there will be no understanding, and without understanding you can only make bad decisions.


  • Be sensitive to others.


  • Be assertive and aggressive in relation to business when necessary.


  • Have a tendency to trust people.


  • Search continuous profitability.


  • And be enthusiastic about your business.