I was the loneliest person at primary school.
I spent 4 lunchtimes out of 5 on my own each week.

I had huge anxiety.
I had no strategies.
It kept me up at night
I had no tribe
And no experience to lean on.

I let the bullies win because they had ammunition.

Me, on the other hand, I was literally invisible.

In the end, I used that experience to shape me into who I am today.

When I talk to coaches I see no difference.
Many of them are:

👉🏼Trying to figure things out themselves
👉🏼No tribe to lean on (or the wrong people who tell them what they want to hear)
👉🏼Still in the hobby phase
👉🏼Sadly NOT monetising

They feel victimised and like everyone else is winning except them.

We have all been there. But, the ones that are winning are the ones that invest in themselves, learn the game and take a leap forward.

One of my clients summed up our first session together like this “I would have been trying to figure what you just did in one hour over years and years”.

She is right.

Work with people who can deliver 20+ years of mastery in one hour.

What do you think?

Beat the bullies